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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Buck Stops with the Prime Minister

Of late, the UPA government in India has been rocked by one scam after another raising questions about corruption in an administration led by the most honest chief, Dr,. Manmohan Singh, the prime minister of India.

As the media went about its business, as it should do uncovering one scam after another, the minister of state for Telecom, A Raja was finally arrested. Raja who belongs to the DMK party a key coalition partner of the administration was interrogated by sleuths of the FBI and till date is still in the custody of the Central Bureau of Investigation. Raja was charged for allegedly manipulating the laws and regulations of 2 G spectrum. "Based on the facts disclosed so far during the investigations regarding their role in allocation of letter of intent and resultant unified access services licenses and spectrum to certain companies ahead of others, the CBI has today arrested the then telecom minister, the then telecom secretary, the then private secretary to the minister,"the CBI said issuing  a statement after his arrest.

The question raised incessantly by the media and the ever opportunistic opposition was "Why had the PM kept silent on this issue." 
The Prime Minister decided that enough was enough and today went live on television answering questions from editors of leading television channels.

Dr. Singh immediately clarified and said in not so many words that he was misled by Raja. 

"I wrote a letter to Raja on Nov 2, 2007. I listed a number of issues that you must look into and ensure they are dealt  in an equitable, fair and transparent manner. One of the issues that I asked him to look into was the possibility from the legal and technical angle of having an auction of spectrum," he told a gathering of television editors in an extensive media interaction covering all burning issues facing the country.

"He wrote back to me on the same day saying I had been absolutely transparent in dealings I will be so in the future and you have my assurance that I have done nothing and I will do nothing that will be consistent to the promise that I have made to you," Manmohan Singh stated.

Here is where Dr. Singh played dumb.  
to be continued