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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Aparna Sen's The Japanese Wife - US Premiere on May 23, 2010

The much awaited film, "The Japanese Wife" directed by award winning director Aparna Sen will premiere in Maryland on May 23rd, 2010.

Databazaar Media Ventures who have acquired the US rights of The Japanese Wife is also planning to screen this film in selected cities all across the US and Canada.

The film will also be screened in Miami on the 22nd and arrangements are being made to screen it in San Fransisco in June.

Bengali organizations , all over the US have stepped up their efforts to ensure that record audiences see this masterpiece by Aparna Sen.

" It has been our endeavor for quite sometime now to create a market for Bengali films in the US," said Oney Seal Founding Director and Chairman of Databazaar Media Ventures, which is the media arm of, the largest internet retailer of computer consumables. "The Japanese wife is our second release. Our first film was Dwando."

Seal stated that Bengalis and mainstream Americans will have the unique opportunity to watch quality Bengali films (all subtitled in English) at least once a month in the US. DMV is also making the films they acquire, available through 19, 000 retail outlets all across the US, including Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, Blockbuster, Best Buy and Target.

DMV announced that the forthcoming releases are, Ekti Tarar Khonje, Jodi Ek Din and Angshumaner Chhobi.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

From Institutions to Loving Care at Center for Social Change

Until recently, individuals with developmental disabilities were cattle housed in institutions irrespective of their diagnosis. It was as if, society thought it fit to look the other way by shirking their responsibility and justifying their actions by saying---"What else can we do?"
Horror stories started coming out of these started trickling out at first..then the stories came out more regularly. Reports of abuse, led to the understanding that traditionally, signs and symptoms of abuse in people with developmental disabilities were not effectively documented, assessed, or treated. Preconceived ideas like institutionalization, lack of creative communication and technologies, and limited self-determination influenced the commonness of abuse.
Reports of abuse are prevalent in today's society: Pick up a newspaper. Watch the evening news or an afternoon talk show. People agree that abuse must stop. Again, historically individuals with developmental disabilities have been treated with less concern than most people. Studies suggest an increased risk of abuse in persons with developmental disabilities, especially if they have been institutionalized. Abuse ranges from overt physical attacks to more insidious forms of intimidation and neglect.
Emanuel (not his real name) was a 28-year-old man with developmental disabilities, had been in an institutionalized setting all his life. His parents who were aging realized that Emanuel was miserable in this institution and required urgent attention. After research, they approached the State Of Maryland Health and Mental Hygiene for a suitable alternative. After a long wait, Emanuel was taken in by Center for Social Change, a non-profit organization based in Elkridge , Maryland. The center had been in existence for 15 years and had the distinctive reputation of handling such cases.
After a careful read of Emanuel's history and a comprehensive assessment of his functional behavior patterns, a team of in house behavior specialists, psychiatrists and nutritional experts at Center for Social Change put together a plan of tackling Emanuel's problems head on.

The team had immediately discovered that the staff at the institution worked varied schedules and often did not stay with the job long. Emanuel had possibly come in contact with ten or more different staff in a year, making continuity and predictability of meeting his needs and getting to know him a difficult task. Also the multiple bruises on Emanuel's body clearly pointed to the fact that either Emanuel was hurting himself or was a victim of abuse.

" When he (Emanuel) first came to us, we realized that he needed help right away, " said Dr. Joseph Mathew, founder and CEO of Center for Social Change. " He was suffering from mal nutrition, behavior tantrums and mood swings."

Emanuel was housed in a home run by the Center for Social Change in a community setting. He was monitored 24 hours by Center for Social Change direct care staff for Emanuel if left alone could not adequately care for himself. Emanuel had a long history of aggressive behaviors, hitting and kicking people when frustrated. Although he could make several sounds, Emanuel did not form words. Infrequent gestures, some sounds, and changes in his facial expression or behavior gave his direct care staff clues to feelings and thoughts. Individuals with developmental disabilities have varying abilities to communicate; a lack of verbal communication does not equate to a lack of comprehension. Asking Emanuel about his feelings and thoughts gave him an opportunity to try to communicate in another manner about what was happening. Slowly, Emanuel's behavior showed signs of a subtle change. Emanuel was encouraged to help out with household chores, occasionally going to the movies or out to dinner.

A few years later Emanuel was seen rocking back and forth to the music being played during a Christmas celebration at the Center for Social Change, a wide grin on his face. Emanuel had gained weight and his aggressive behavior, almost a rare occurrence.

" Caring for individuals like Emanuel is not easy. We need a lot of patience and understanding. We indoctrinate our direct care staff with these thumb rules and provide them comprehensive training to this effect," informed Dr. Mathew. " Each individual has their own the treatment and care also has to be individualized. We need to guide them, love them and make them feel wanted and provide them with the requisite tools in order for individuals like Emanuel to become as independent as possible." Dr. Mathew added.

The success of Center for Social Change did not go unnoticed. The Governor of Maryland recently recognized the contribution made by the Center in caring for individuals with developmental disabilities and declared by proclamation November 8, The Center For Social Change Day.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nuclear Materials Not Safe in Pakistan

Responding to a question from this journalist on whether the Indian Prime Minister shared the views of President Obama that nuclear materials were safe in Pakistan and in "safe hands,' Dr. Manmohan Singh said, " My position on this issue has been very clear from the start."

Reading between the lines it is quite clear that Dr. Singh does not agree with President Obama on this issue.

President Obama Welcomes India's initiative to Set Up Global Center for Nuclear Energy Partnership

President Obama has welcomed India's initiative on setting up a state of the art Global Center for Nuclear Energy Partnership- a facility based on international participation from IAEA and other interested foreign partners. "We welcome the anoouncement of setting up of this center in India," stated President Obama at the Nuclear Security Summit, after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh announced this initiative by India.

" This will be one more tool to establish best practices ," the president added.

Prime Minister announced the opening of this center during his intervention at the Nuclear Security summit which is being attended by the heads of nearly 47 countries."Singh explained that this center "would consist of four schools dealing with Advanced Nuclear Energy System Studies, Nuclear Security, Radiation Safety and the application of Radioisotopes and Radiation Technology in the areas of health care.

Additionally, "this center will conduct research and development of design systemns that are intrinsically safe, secure, proliferation-resistant and sustainable.

Prime Minister Singh appealed to the global community to participate in this venture to make it a success.

Welcoming President Obama's initiative in convening this summit on Nuclear security, Singh hoped that this summit would lead to "concrete outcomes" which would help male the world a safer place. "The world community should join hands to eliminate the risk of sensitive and valuable materials and technologies falling into the hands opf terrorists and illicit traffickers," said the Indian Prime Minister.

"There should be zero tolerance for individuals and groups which engage in illegal trafficking in nuclear terms," Singh added.

Singh also welcomed the recent agreement betwen the US and Russia to reduce their nuclaer arsenals as " a step to the right direction." " I call upon all states with substantial nuclear arsenals to further accelerate this process by making deeper cuts that will lead to meaningful disarmament."

India asks Canada to Monitor Anti-India terrorist Organzations

Canadian Prime Minister ,Stephen Harper was told to curb the menace of anti -India terrorist activities emanating from his country.

Prime Minister Singh clearly told his Canadian counterpart that he needs to step up and monitor Sikh separatists and their activities in that country.

Briefing to reporters after the meet, the official spokesperson of the Indian external affairs ministry, Vishnu Prakash said, "Manmohan Singh conveyed India's continuing concerns over the activities of terrorist organisations in that country,"

"Manmohan Singh hoped that the Canadian government will curb and monitor the activities of these organizations," said Prakash.

 June 2010  is the 25th Anniversary of the Kanishka Air India bombing.

Outfits like the Babbar Khalsa International, International Sikh Youth Federation, Khalistan Commando Force and Khalistan Zindabad Force continue to be banned under India's Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Amendment Act, 2004.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

India Demands Access to David Headley Coleman?

Meeting in what is being termed as a mini bilateral summit in the sidelines of the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington DC, Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh raised the issue of direct access to David Headley Coleman with President Obama who was reported to have conspired with the banned terrorist organization Lashkar e Taiba and Pakistani ex-military officers to launch the  26/11 Mumbai Blasts in 2008.

Though sympathetic to the demand of the Indian Prime Minister, there is very little that the US president can do. Under the plea bargain agreement which David Headley has reached with the Justice department it clearly has been agreed upon that Headley will not be extradited to India or Pakistan for that matter.

Pressure from the Indian side, though contextually correct and cruicial to the ongoing investigation in demanding access to Headley appears to be a non-starter as Headley could easily plead the 5th and remain silent. It is noteworthy to mention here that India had signed a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) with the U.S. in 2001 which was further revised in 2005.

The Indian media which is accompanying the Prime Minister on this visit seems almost paranoid on the issue of the Headley case and repeated questions to Foreign Secretary, Nirupma Som was deftly dodged by her.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Historic First For Bengali Cinema

This is literally Breaking News.

Databazaar Media Ventures(DMV) has succeeded yet again of a coup of sorts. After opening up new vistas in Distribution of quality Bengali films in the US and Canada through 19,000 retail outlets like Netflix, Amazon , Best Buy, Blockbuster and others, DMV can be credited with making available the first Bengali film "Dwando" for rent and download on.iTunes.

DMV, the media arm of has already acquired the rights of Aparna Sen's The Japanese Wife and will make the film available on iTunes as well.

Friday, April 09, 2010

President Obama to Host Indian PM During Nuclear Summit

The heads of the world's largest and greatest democracies will meet once again in the sidelines of the Nuclear Summit, beginning April 12, 2010.

Dr. ManMohan Singh, India's Prime Minister was initially scheduled to arrive on April 11, but a last minute change in his itinerary will see the Indian PM flying into Andrews Air Force Base on April 10 at 8:45 in the evening.

The change in his itinerary is a clear indication that President Obama will be holding bilateral talks with Singh.The meeting will most likely take place on Sunday.

This meeting is significant as lately there have been reports that the Obama administration has been ignoring India.

According to sources Obama will reiterate his administrations commitment to strategic relations between the US and India.

The White House is very concerned about the close ties India enjoys with Iran. This will prominently figure in the talks when the two leaders meet.However, Iran is not likely to figure in the Nuclear Summit talks as the summit is more about safeguarding Nuclear materials.

It is noteworthy to mention here that India enjoys a great record where non-proliferation of nuclear materials is concerned but refuses to sign the NPT.

According to Deputy National Security Adviser Michael Forman, "Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's attendance will be key to the success of the summit."

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Databazaar Media Ventures Acquires Aparna Sen's "The Japanese Wife" for US Distribution

Databazaar Media Ventures Acquires Aparna Sen's "The Japanese Wife" for US Distribution

Award winning Director Aparna Sen's latest film "The Japanese Wife" has been acquired for US distribution by Databazaar Media Ventures(DMV).

DMV, the media arm of , the leading internet retailer of printer consumables globally, acquired the film from Saregama India Limited, the producers of The Japanese Wife.
Expressing satisfaction over this acquisition, Ms. Aparna Sen said, "This is truly a historic occasion. The Indian Diaspora living in the US and Canada will now be able to watch my film as DMV will make The Japanese wife available through about 19,000 retail outlets, including Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, Blockbuster and others."
Talking about The Japanese Wife, Sen said, " Some of you have seen and loved my earlier films…films like ‘36 Chowringhee Lane’ or ‘Mr. and Mrs. Iyer’. This one is different. My challenge here was to create a film that would be reminiscent of a Japanese painting with its poignant minimalism. I think I have succeeded."
Oney Seal, Chairman of the Databazaar Group of companies stated, " Our endeavor is to bring quality Bengali films to the US and Canada. The Japanese Wife directed by the one and only Aparna Sen fits the bill perfectly."
About Databazaar Media Ventures
Databazaar Media Ventures acts as an exclusive gateway for Bengali films to North America, combining the latest in digital technologies with the best in traditional methods in a new, fusion distribution model that maximizes North American film revenues. We are the missing link that ensures the most effective marketing of modern Bengali films. Once selected by DMV’s Film Review Board, exclusive partner agreements ensure that titles acquired will reach over 19,000 online and retail stores across the US and Canada including major chains such as Best Buy, Target, Fry's Electronics, Blockbuster, Netflix, Amazon and Wal-Mart, along with, theatrical releases in certain demographics.

For more information

NRI Venture Promises New Vistas for Bengali Cinema

NRI Venture Promises New Vistas for Bengali Cinema

Databazaar Media Ventures ( DMV ), the media arm of, the leading internet supplier of computer consumables based in Florida, USA, has developed an innovative and original model for the screening and distribution of quality Bengali films through more than 19,000 retail outlets in the US and Canada, starting immediately.
Oney Seal, Founder & CEO of the Databazaar Group said, “Our first release -“Dwando”, from national award-winning director Suman Ghosh, is already available for pre-order wherever NRIs buy, rent or download movies ----- on Netflix, Amazon, Best Buy, Target, iTunes, and Blockbuster etc. This is very encouraging and proves beyond doubt that we have implemented a winning business model that fulfils the wishes of both the Bengali film producer as well as the NRI film viewer in North America. Our efforts have also ensured that quality Bengali films will now reach the entire ‘foreign film’ viewing market in North America.”
Arijit Dutta, a founding Director of DMV looking after content & acquisition, expressed satisfaction stating that the revenue gap between production costs and domestic sales, which was plaguing modern Bengali cinema, will now be addressed through the opening up of the North American market.
Suman Ghosh and senior US-Indian journalist Devasish Ray, both founding directors of Databazaar Media Ventures, emphasized the massive reach and scope of the media spend that DMV is investing on each title it acquires. “This is unprecedented and is the critical ingredient for the success of every title”, they added.

About Databazaar Media Ventures
Databazaar Media Ventures acts as an exclusive gateway for Bengali films to North America, combining the latest in digital technologies with the best in traditional methods in a new, fusion distribution model that maximizes North American film revenues. We are the missing link that ensures the most effective marketing of modern Bengali films. Once selected by DMV’s Film Review Board, exclusive partner agreements ensure that titles acquired will reach over 19,000 online and retail stores across the US and Canada including major chains such as Best Buy, Target, Fry's Electronics, Blockbuster, Netflix, Amazon and Wal-Mart, along with, theatrical releases in certain demographics. For more information please visit

Media Contact: Devasish Ray ( USA )- +1-240-988-1112