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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Shame Lantos

An open letter to Congressman Tom Lantos.

As a representative of the oldest democracy in the world, as a survivor of the holocaust, I had the highset regards for you. Not anymore Sir!

You chose to call Mr. Natwar Singh, the foriegn minister of the greatest democracy in the world an "imbecile" and "dense". You chose to get personal, forgetting to check facts first.

Mr. Lantos Shame on You!!

If India engages in a dialog with Iran and supports its peaceful nuclear aspirations, who are you to question the integrity of a nation (India) who have impeccable credentials when it comes to non-proliferation. President Bush who many call a man without brains has shown tremendous foresight and has opened up as compared to a seasoned politician like you who prefers to maintain "tunnel vision."

As the President goes to bat for India, you sir, will be sidelined quickly and effectively. You will loose the support of the vastly influential and wealthy Indian American community.

Make ammends Sir, for no self respecting community will tolerate this kind of unparliamentary behavior from you.

Mr. Lantos Shane on You!!!

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