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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Diplomatic Immunity be Damned

She pleaded her innocence. She begged them and finally tried to assert herself by demanding Diplomatic immunity.

The New York police brushed aside her pleas, assertions and promptly handcuffed her, paraded her to the waiting police cruiser and whisked her away to jail.

The accused Kritika Biswas
He alleged crime: Cyber Bullying
The devils in disguise: NYPD

This incident took place in February, 2011 and the media got whiff of it only in May. This innocent 18 year old girl, daughter of the Indian Vice Consul at the New York Consulate  had in inadvertently committed an innocent crime. She was a girl of color.
Reports suggest that she was allegedly targeted by  teachers and principal as she was not white.

 It was yet another case of racism compounded with the misery Kritika had to go through. She was shoved into a jail with prostitutes, forced to urinate in front of fellow prisoners and asked to drink water from a fountain full of vomit.

Her very articulate and passionate lawyer, Ravi Batra demanded that Mayor Bloomberg present this 18 year old girl the key to the city of New York. What the lawyer should have first demanded was an unconditional apology from the NYPD and Bloomberg. Suing the city for a paltry  $ 1.5 million is like feeding a shrimp to a killer whale.

My good friend Prabhu Dayal, the head of the consulate in New York is an outstanding diplomat, but he should not be arm twisted by his senior colleague in Washington DC to step softly, lest it creates a diplomatic row between India and the US.

Now I hear Ravi Batra has approached Hillary Clinton to intervene. Please Mr. Batra, the Americans won't concentrate on winning...  only winning her the $ 1.5 million in damages and so that you care..please don't take a cut.

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