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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

President Obama Welcomes India's initiative to Set Up Global Center for Nuclear Energy Partnership

President Obama has welcomed India's initiative on setting up a state of the art Global Center for Nuclear Energy Partnership- a facility based on international participation from IAEA and other interested foreign partners. "We welcome the anoouncement of setting up of this center in India," stated President Obama at the Nuclear Security Summit, after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh announced this initiative by India.

" This will be one more tool to establish best practices ," the president added.

Prime Minister announced the opening of this center during his intervention at the Nuclear Security summit which is being attended by the heads of nearly 47 countries."Singh explained that this center "would consist of four schools dealing with Advanced Nuclear Energy System Studies, Nuclear Security, Radiation Safety and the application of Radioisotopes and Radiation Technology in the areas of health care.

Additionally, "this center will conduct research and development of design systemns that are intrinsically safe, secure, proliferation-resistant and sustainable.

Prime Minister Singh appealed to the global community to participate in this venture to make it a success.

Welcoming President Obama's initiative in convening this summit on Nuclear security, Singh hoped that this summit would lead to "concrete outcomes" which would help male the world a safer place. "The world community should join hands to eliminate the risk of sensitive and valuable materials and technologies falling into the hands opf terrorists and illicit traffickers," said the Indian Prime Minister.

"There should be zero tolerance for individuals and groups which engage in illegal trafficking in nuclear terms," Singh added.

Singh also welcomed the recent agreement betwen the US and Russia to reduce their nuclaer arsenals as " a step to the right direction." " I call upon all states with substantial nuclear arsenals to further accelerate this process by making deeper cuts that will lead to meaningful disarmament."

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