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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

NRI Venture Promises New Vistas for Bengali Cinema

NRI Venture Promises New Vistas for Bengali Cinema

Databazaar Media Ventures ( DMV ), the media arm of, the leading internet supplier of computer consumables based in Florida, USA, has developed an innovative and original model for the screening and distribution of quality Bengali films through more than 19,000 retail outlets in the US and Canada, starting immediately.
Oney Seal, Founder & CEO of the Databazaar Group said, “Our first release -“Dwando”, from national award-winning director Suman Ghosh, is already available for pre-order wherever NRIs buy, rent or download movies ----- on Netflix, Amazon, Best Buy, Target, iTunes, and Blockbuster etc. This is very encouraging and proves beyond doubt that we have implemented a winning business model that fulfils the wishes of both the Bengali film producer as well as the NRI film viewer in North America. Our efforts have also ensured that quality Bengali films will now reach the entire ‘foreign film’ viewing market in North America.”
Arijit Dutta, a founding Director of DMV looking after content & acquisition, expressed satisfaction stating that the revenue gap between production costs and domestic sales, which was plaguing modern Bengali cinema, will now be addressed through the opening up of the North American market.
Suman Ghosh and senior US-Indian journalist Devasish Ray, both founding directors of Databazaar Media Ventures, emphasized the massive reach and scope of the media spend that DMV is investing on each title it acquires. “This is unprecedented and is the critical ingredient for the success of every title”, they added.

About Databazaar Media Ventures
Databazaar Media Ventures acts as an exclusive gateway for Bengali films to North America, combining the latest in digital technologies with the best in traditional methods in a new, fusion distribution model that maximizes North American film revenues. We are the missing link that ensures the most effective marketing of modern Bengali films. Once selected by DMV’s Film Review Board, exclusive partner agreements ensure that titles acquired will reach over 19,000 online and retail stores across the US and Canada including major chains such as Best Buy, Target, Fry's Electronics, Blockbuster, Netflix, Amazon and Wal-Mart, along with, theatrical releases in certain demographics. For more information please visit

Media Contact: Devasish Ray ( USA )- +1-240-988-1112

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